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Cover up? Man being held for crime that victim allegedly says he didn’t commit


Cover up? Man being held for crime that victim allegedly says he didn’t commit


By Yolanda Spivey

Last December we ran a story about a young man who is sitting in jail for attempted murder after the victim herself claimed he was innocent. The victim, in fact, blamed her daughter who she thinks hired “hit men” to kill her for money.

Shannon Zach Nyamodi says he tried to help the woman as she ran from her home, holding her head trying to stop the blood from her bleeding wound.  The only thing Shannon appears to be guilty of is helping her.

Today, I spoke with Shannon’s mother, Elizabeth Crudup, to get an update on his story and the situation is bleak.

After our story was published, it appeared that Shannon was going to get the help he needed.  Elizabeth was granted access to finally see her son so she visited him in jail on January 6, 2013.  She told Your Black World, “When I first saw him, he just threw his hands around my neck and hugged me for five minutes.  He couldn’t’ believe I was there.  He wouldn’t let me go.”

The second time Elizabeth Crudup went to visit her son she almost didn’t recognize him.  He had grown quite thin and couldn’t stand for 30 seconds at a time.  “He kept asking can he sit down,” she stated.

What was more shocking was the fact that her son’s visit was greeted with the presence of the jail’s captain, sergeant and lieutenant.

According to his mother, Shannon was afraid to speak freely and kept looking over his shoulder at the men.  He allegedly kept saying to her, “these guys are really coming at me.”  He explained to his mother that they were putting pressure on him to take a plea deal and would often throw him in solitary confinement.  In fact, his mother seems to feel that her son is being tortured while in jail.

Elizabeth Crudup was quite alarmed at her son’s health and overall condition. She has since tried to gain access to see him again but have been denied another visit.  She wants her son to see an outside doctor to assess his health.  She suspects that not only are jail officials emotionally beating her son down,  they are now physically harming him.

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An organization, Action for Justice, reached out to Elizabeth Crudup and was able to file a habeas corpus brief on her behalf.  A habeas corpus is a written document that allows for a person who is under arrest to address a judge or court.  It ensures that a prisoner can be released from unlawful detention if there is a lack of evidence.  According to Shannon’s mother, the judge that is presiding over Shannon’s case refused to read or address the document. Further, a court date has yet to be filed for this matter.

Elizabeth Crudup speculates that the court’s refusal to look at the habeas corpus is to try to get Shannon to admit to the crime. She states, “This situation has moved from a simple frame to now an outright cover up.  Everyone is trying to cover their tracks, including the judges.”

The woman who was the victim of the crime allegedly withdrew her statement that clears Shannon of shooting her, and the whereabouts of her daughter remains a mystery.

For now, Elizabeth Crudup is pleading with the public for help.  She doesn’t think her son is going to make it out of jail alive.

“The situation is so dire, and every minute it’s getting worse and worse for him.  His spirit is crushed—just the way he’s talking.  Nothing is lively about him anymore.”

She further states, “I know that call is coming that he died. By the time anyone gives any attention to this, he might die. I’m so scared; there is nothing that I can do.”

Elizabeth Crudup just wants her son home and now.

If you are reading this story, I ask that you share it with anyone you know so that this matter would get the attention that it needs.

More information on this case can be found on the Crudup family’s website at

You can also write Shannon in jail at:

Shannon Nyamodi

285 T. Kemp Road

Louisburg NC 27549

Read the original story here:

Yolanda Spivey writes on a variety of topics and can be reached at [email protected].  You can also visit her Facebook page

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