Poll: One in Seven Thinks End of World is Coming; Do You Believe We’re in Our Last Days?

(Reuters) – - Nearly 15 percent of people worldwide believe the world will end during their lifetime and 10 percent think the Mayan calendar could signify it will happen in 2012, according to a new poll.

The end of the Mayan calendar, which spans about 5,125 years, on December 21, 2012 has sparked interpretations and suggestions that it marks the end of the world.

“Whether they think it will come to an end through the hands of God, or a natural disaster or a political event, whatever the reason, one in seven thinks the end of the world is coming,” said Keren Gottfried, research manager at Ipsos Global Public Affairs which conducted the poll for Reuters.

“Perhaps it is because of the media attention coming from one interpretation of the Mayan prophecy that states the world ‘ends’ in our calendar year 2012,” Gottfried said, adding that some Mayan scholars have disputed the interpretation.

Responses to the international poll of 16,262 people in more than 20 countries varied widely with only six percent of French residents believing in an impending Armageddon in their lifetime, compared to 22 percent in Turkey and the United States and slightly less in South Africa andArgentina.

But only seven percent in Belgium and eight percent in Great Britain feared an end to the world during their lives.

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5 Responses to Poll: One in Seven Thinks End of World is Coming; Do You Believe We’re in Our Last Days?

  1. Asar Nebankh May 4, 2012 at 11:37 am

    The end is the end of this “new” world system not end of our solar system. The beginning of their end has already begun. See the collapse of euroope and the rise of the brics nations. SIt is no accident that during the late 1950″s and 1960′s African countries became independent at the same time that Black americans begin receiving their civl rights. signs of their end are same sex marriages and the acceptance and even promotion of black and whites intermarrying.

  2. anonymous May 4, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    Unfortunately, the world probably needs to come to an end. Man is an animal that is incapable of redemption.

    For thousands of years man has jumped every hurdle, accomplished the unthinkable, and created every technology imaginable. Despite this, we still refuse to treat each other with dignity and respect.

    The ruling elite has deliberately thrown millions of americans out of work and replaced their security with part time employment, employment without benefits, and every other ridiculous employment option.

    Even black people, who have always been the number 1 target of oppression have sunk to unthinkable lows. We treat each other worse than white america treats us. And, we have even taken to mocking God with our church antics.

    That’s right, we dress up, travel to church in motorcades, shout, scream, roll around the church floor and, after the service ends, go right back to mistreating each other.

    Yes…sadly it it time.

  3. Catlover May 6, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    We’ll all see if this 2012 thing is true or not…and very soon. If it is not, then war could do it but modern day mankind is destroying the planet with all of the filth, dirt and pollution that we are wiping ourselves out one way or another. The ancient Black people had more wisdom on how to treat the Earth and they followed the laws of Ma’at. What a shame to see the harm that has come to Earth’s Original peoples (genocide, land occupation and theft of resources which creates impovershment) and now the Earth herself is suffering from the actions of the same unGodly monster.

  4. Daniel May 7, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    If you believe in the abomination of desolation and the re-installment of israel as a nation as many people have said it happened in history in the times that they occured, then yes, we are living in the last days. But the concern shouldn’t be in The Last Days, but in YOUR Last Days.

    The Problem is all have sinned. Individually, and collectively, we’ve done wrong. We are all sinners (Rom3:23)
    The Penalty is death for all sinners (Rom6:23A)
    The Provision God provides is eternal life through Christ Jesus (Rom6:23b,5:8)
    The Process God gives us is Confess that Jesus is the Son of God, and believe that God raised Him from the dead (Rom 10:9-10)

  5. Ms. Miller September 8, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    According to most ancient religions…scriptures and legends…we are at the END of the OLD WORLD…the old age. The ancient Hindu and Chinese legends claim that we leaving the old world of violence & despair and enter a “Golden Age.” Native American Indians — claim that it is all predicted in their PROPHECIES that the “old world of wickeness would end.” Even Jesus spoke of a “new age coming” and that he would be with his followers until then. Like the singers: THE 5th DIMENSION sang… “It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.”

    So…yes, I believe we are moving into a “New Age”…where there will be more peace, compassion, and we will live in harmony with each other and the Earth.


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