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Chicago Cop Admits to Drinking “Multiple” Beers Before Gunning Down Man Holding Cellphone

Last year, 29-year-old Flint Farmer was shot and killed by police officers while holding his cell phone. This year, officer Gildardo Sierra has admitted to drinking beers before killing Farmer.


Chicago Cop Admits to Drinking “Multiple” Beers Before Gunning Down Man Holding Cellphone

Last year, 29-year-old Flint Farmer was shot and killed by police officers while holding his cell phone. This year, officer Gildardo Sierra has admitted to drinking beers before killing Farmer.

Flint Farmer (right) was gunned down by Officer Gildardo Sierra while holding his cellphone

Chicago Police officer Gildardo Sierra has been placed on desk duty after admitting to drinking “multiple” beers prior to shooting and killing 29-year-old Flint Farmer in June 2011. Chicago Police claimed Farmer “pulled an object from his pocket, which the officer believed to be a handgun, and aggressively came at the officer.” Farmer was holding his cellphone.

The city waited more than five hours to give Officer Sierra a Breathalyzer test, according to a new court filing by an attorney for the slain man’s estate. The incident, captured on Sierra’s dashcam, shows him firing three shots into Farmer’s back as he lay bleeding on a parkway. The incident was the third shooting by Sierra in six months and the second fatality, records show.

Gildardo Sierra

Gildardo Sierra

The city settled with Farmer’s estate in its civil rights lawsuit. The financial terms of the agreement have remained undisclosed. The Police Department ruled the Farmer shooting justified, but Superintendent Garry McCarthy later told local news reporters that he considers the case “a big problem” and that Sierra should not have been on the streets given his history of shootings. During a psychological evaluation, Sierra admitted that he drank “multiple beers” before starting the midnight shift on the night Farmer was killed. The evaluation also revealed that Sierra “was nervous…. about his then-upcoming mandatory breath test because he might test positive for alcohol.” The number of beers Sierra drank was not specified in the court filing submitted by Farmer’s estate on Thursday.

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Sierra, 32, joined the department 10 years ago. He has been stripped of his police powers and is working at the city’s 311 center since the shooting. His annual salary is $75,000/year, according to city data.


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  1. Nixak

    December 22, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    This is what can happen when Blacks & Hispanics become cos. They’re conditioned to think CPD Blue [= white], than whats right. So they see white cops [& even cop-wanna-bes ala Zimmerman] gun-down unarmed Blacks & Browns w impunity & are ‘trained’ that they should do it too.

    IMO This guy was drunk & committed cold blooded murder [shot a guy in the back 3Xs while he was lying face down on the ground], yet the CPD takes him off the street & puts him at their 311 call center when he should be in JAIL.

  2. Nixak

    December 23, 2012 at 5:16 am

    FL cops gun-down yet another 17 yr old unarmed Black youth, Devin Jolicouer III, in front of his mother this week. FLORIDA- Where Zimmerman kicked off the yr by gunning-down unarmed 17 yr old Trayvon, FL where another white guy gunned-down unarmed 17 yr old Jordan Davis last month. FL where 69 yr old Mr Trevor Dooley gets attacked from behind by a 41 white guy that was 80lbs heavier, tries to take Mr Dooley’s gun & is shot & killed in the process. Yet Mr Dooley’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ in self defense is rejected & gets up to 30yrs for 2nd Murder. FL where Ms Marrissa Alexander is given 20yrs mandatory for NOT Shooting an attacker IN HER OWN HOME [no stand your ground for her either].

    You can read the story RE Devin’s killing @ -&-
    BUT it boils down to: Devin Jolicouer, whose mom’s from Haiti [remember that] was talking to a friend in front of his own home. The FL cops claim a neighbor called 9-11 to say they looked suspicious [this begs the question why Devin’s neighbor didn’t recognize him]. The real back-ground story is that someone Devin knew was accussed by these cops of burgularizing a fellow cop’s home & killing an the cop’s ex-K-9 [as in ex-police DOG]. The cops ‘claim’ that as the other youth tried to run, Devin pulled a TOY GUN on them & that’s why the gunned-him down [His mom says he had no gun]. Apparently NO drugs Nor other incriminated evidence has turned up besides this TOY GUN, & Devin’s friend who the cop’s ‘claimed’ tried to run, was NOT arrested.
    IMO It’s hard to believe that a street wise kid would be STUPID enough to pull a TOY GUN on any cop, let alone several of them, especially if he was not engaging in criminal activity! [remember his was at home w his mom present]! IMO that TOY GUN is likely a plant/drop gun.

    I’m going to paste some not so subtly racist comments made by whites in referrence to this story. No matter what the circumstances when the cops or even cop wanna-bes [IE: Z-man] gun-down unarmed Blacks, no matter how shady the circumstances- the unarmed Black guy is always a THUG who deserved to get gunned-down!

    Posted by molonlabe: Yeah, mom knows because she was there selling drugs with him.

    Posted by TurdFerguson: molonlabe, I totally support that theory.

    If you’re stupid enough to pull a fake gun on a cop then you reap what you sow

    Posted by reneontheisland: They’re always such good boys. Yet they commit crimes and terrorize neighborhoods. Then when they get gunned down they’re memorialized as good boys who were done wrong. THEY ARE NOT GOOD BOYS. GOOD BOYS don’t sell drugs and pull guns on cops or shoot classrooms full of helpless children. [My Comment: The story does NOT say Devin sold drugs. The other teen w him was NOT even arrested- but then she equates him w this mass killer Adam Lanza who shot 26 people [20 kids] to death w a M-16 type assault rifle. Devin shot NO-one & the cops ‘claimed’ he pulled a TOY GUN!].

    Posted by nocondocommandospleaz: One more career criminal off our streets and out of our jails. Thank you officers

    Posted by imbho: i guess since momma said he wasn’t armed, that semi automatic just fell from the sky [It was a TOY GUN DUHH!!!]?

    just think these guys are the cream of the crop that come from that other wonderful nation of success stories [he’s talking about Haiti], I wonder if their parents arrived on the midnight express.

    Posted by wtf60: i wonder how you would feel if these little scumbags were selling drugs to your children or breaking into your house i bet you would call the cops if you dissaprove of the way law enforcement handles things in this country then get the hell out and take all the rest of the bleeding hearts with you. [My comment: These racist-ranters apparently can’t read- the cops did NOT say Devin was selling drugs at the time they gunned him down]

    Posted by BrittanyNicole1: @LadyAdy, the mother was just as at fault AS HER SON! this kid’s a BAD apple… “he’s a good kid, he’s not like that” i call BS on that stupid statement, because GOOD kids don’t carry guns, GOOD kids don’t point a gun at an officer, GOOD kids dot sell drugs, GOOD kids don’t Break into homes and shoot a defenseless dog… so excuse me if i don’t feel one bit sad for this kid [My Comment: Again this ranter apparently can’t read. The cops did NOT ‘directly’ accuse Devin of shooting their fellow cop’s K-9 DOG {apparently this female thinks the DOG’s life was worth more than Devin’s} nor accused him of selling or even having drugs at the time that they shot him down like a DOG in the Street in Front of His Mother!]

    I heard similar rantings against Mrs Glenda Moore- when she tragically lost her 2 small boys in Harricane Sandy- after a white guy slammed the door in her face as she begged him for help! Yet they expect us to be devastated when one of their own sons snaps & kills a bunch of their kids.
    This is the reality of so-called ‘Post Racial USA’ in the age of Obama!

    • Nixak

      December 24, 2012 at 2:18 am

      Did Those FL Cops Kill this Black Teen [Devin Jolicoeur] over the Death of their ex-Police DOG???

      } Andre Shanks, who was with Devin Jolicoeur when deputies searched them says: “Claude [Devin] tried to run, they grabbed him, they tackled him and then they pulled him down to the ground and then I heard like 5 shots. And then he was dead,” said Shanks, “I didn’t see any gun. They yelled out he had a gun after they shot him. That’s when I heard it, after those 4 or 5 shots. Then they yelled out he’s got a gun.”

      Shanks is not facing any charges according to PBSO.

      PBSO also claimed Devin Jolicoeur was somehow tied to the shooting death of former K-9 [IE: ex-police DOG], Drake. A spokesperson said Jolicoeur knew the alleged shooter [of the DOG = guilt by association]…

      “What would that have to do with anything if he knew them? He has no connection to that crime. They have no evidence that he was there. There’s nothing. They’re just making stuff up,” said Rodgerick Smith, a friend of Jolicoeur.

      During the struggle with the deputies, the passenger [Devin ‘allegedly’] pulled out a semi-automatic REPLICA [= fake] of a TEC-9, Bradshaw said.

      Investigators said a struggle broke out between deputies and Jolicoeur, where Jolicoeur was then shot after he allegedly pulled out a TEC-22 firearm… {[So which was it? A so-called ‘Replica’ of a Tec-9 or a real Tec-22??? IMO Sounds like those cops in FL are having trouble keeping their LIES Straight!!!]


      So All that BS about a possible drug deal is just a bunch of a static. No drugs were found & Devin’s friend Andre was not even arrested. These FL cops ‘claimed’ Devin was allegedly once a homicide suspect, yet they then ‘claim’ the reason they rolled on him was because of a suspected drug-deal- when there was NO Drug Deal!

      So The only thing we’re left w is- These cops ‘believed’ [= had a ‘hunch’] that Devin was in on killing their fellow cop’s ex-Police DOG- which seems like the real-reason they gunned him down like a mad-dog in the streets in front his mother!

      Of course if these FL cops did execute Devin over their D*mned police DOG- they’ve got every reason to plant a FAKE [replica of a] Tec-9 on Devin which then ‘morphs’ into a real Tec-22- especially after Trayvon & Jordan Davis [& also Rebia Boyd, Ramarley Grahm, Mr Kenneth Chamberlain, etc, etc, etc]!

  3. Jay

    December 23, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    I’ve thought about this and i am not saying all police officers are bad,, but there are bad ones from top to bottom of the chain of command. if a top officer put a hit on anyone and a lower officer had to do the job… then they could get the job done get an office job and keep their same pay while being protected. JUST A THOUGHT,,,,,,,, because this kind of thing happens all the time.

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